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Welcome to I-CRE8, where excellence in web development meets unparalleled customer satisfaction. We are a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to bringing your digital visions to life with precision and flair.

At I-CRE8, our clients' satisfaction is our utmost priority. Don't just take our word for it – hear what our valued clients have to say:

"Every small business owner dreams of the virtually unattainable--a contractor who is the best in the business, serving you with affordable brilliance and efficiency. Dave Buchholz of I-CRE8 fulfilled our every need in creating a perfect shopping cart for our web site. He's across the pond from us but no matter; it felt as if he were down the block. He was (and still is) incredibly responsible and available. I-CRE8 is at the absolute top of our list of business professionals."
Art and Pat Klein - The Younger Looking Beard LLC

"David took over a project that another programmer couldn't complete for me, and he took only one day to do what the other guy took months to attempt to finish! I hesitated to work with someone located an ocean away from me, but I couldn't be happier with his speedy turnaround time and excellent customer service. Thank you, David!"
Jenni McKay, President, Perceptivity Studio

"I highly recommend Dave Buchholz after working with him recently on a project for a mutual client. I was greatly impressed with his professionalism, problem-solving abilities, and skill in implementing some highly customized database coding for a PHP shopping cart. He is also an excellent communicator, which allowed all parties involved in the project to stay current and informed with the project’s progress from start to finish."
Deborah Bailey, Owner, Barnstormer Design Group

"I recently hit a wall trying to finish the last page of a website I was making. The PHP and javascript were way beyond my comprehension. I decided to hire someone much more capable than myself. From spending a lot of time on the WA forums over the past few years, Dave seemed the obvious first place to start. A quick email and skype interaction and we were on our way! He did a fantastic job. Highly recommended."
Donovan Smith, Donovan Smith Design Studio

Whether you're seeking seamless e-commerce solutions, custom web applications, or innovative design concepts, I-CRE8 is your trusted partner in achieving digital excellence. With our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, we invite you to experience the difference with I-CRE8.

Let's bring your digital dreams to life, together.

Some examples of my work

The Younger Looking Beard

The Younger Looking Beard

Earlswood Classic & Vintage

Earlswood Classic & Vintage

Cotswold Kitchen & Bath

Cotswold Kitchen & Bath

How to Contact I-CRE8


Skype is a great way for my international customers to get in touch. You can find me by searching for icre8internetsolutions, please send me a contact request with your questions or project details.


If you're really desperate to get me right now then you can try phoning me on +44 (0)7901 517007, be warned though that if I am really busy with other clients work I don't always answer and you may have to leave a message. But don't be afraid I will call you back.

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Chestnut Field House,
Chestnut Field,
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